GetWin sportsbook addresses theft complaints

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On April 4th, SBR reported that GetWin Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) confiscated the winnings of eight players. GetWin accused the players of organized betting. | GetWin Sportsbook statement

GetWin did not give evidence to SBR or players after making the confiscations, and was unable to document that any of the players were related. Getwin's rules allow for the sportsbook to debit the accounts of players that are flagged as professional sports bettors, an unethical tactic often employed by Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F).

With the involvement of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta, GetWin has reversed their stance on many of the sportsbook accounts.



Getwin Manager: together with LGA has made inner investigation and as result we have opened 11 of 16 closed accounts. 5 accounts are still under investigation.

As soon as we will have more information we will let you know. All players has bee informed about changes in their accounts and they all have received their winnings. Official press release will be available in next few days. I hope you will inform your users about this matter.

While the news is positive, it is unclear whether or not GetWin intended to exonerate players that had long pleaded their case and professed their innocence. GetWin's decision to restore these player balances could have been influenced by negative press attributed to the unfair confiscations, hence GetWin's marketing department setting out to make a press release regarding the topic after initially not cooperating with SBR.




A GetWin player's account of what happened:


I just wanted to inform you that the LGA of Malta has done a good job and that my account is now open again. I have been in touch with them every week or so since this all started.


Initially Getwin stalled in sending documentation/relevant case info to the LGA... but on april 25th Getwin forwarded some documentation about my case. Actually a lot of cases. The LGA rep said that "quite a few" people had complained and that she was waiting for documentation. When I spoke to her, she said that the information was "not enough" and that she had gone back to collect additional documentation from them.

A week went by and nothing.

The next week said that she would be having a meeting with Getwin on friday may 13th where the LGA director as well as some other unnamed people would meet with a Getwin representative to discuss the syndication case. She said that she would inform me asap as soon as she hard anything.

I tried on and off to reach her this week but every time I phoned up she was unavailable. Until today. One of the first things she said was ask me if I had received my money. I had of course not received money or heard anything from either getwin or the LGA. She informed me that my account was cleared of any wrong doing, and that if I had not received money or if I was still unable to log in to my getwin account, then she would get in touch with them before end of business and ask them what is going on.

2-3 hours after speaking to the LGA I received and e-mail from Getwin where they said that all this was an "accident" and that they have to remain vigilant so that they can be fair to players who are not cheating. Yeah, fair my ass - keeping my money in limbo for over two months. Anyway, I am free to withdraw and to place bets now. I have not withdrawn yet as I am going to wait until tuesday when they have free withdrawals. I refuse to pay £100 to withdraw after all of this. I told them this but I have not heard back from them... I do not expect that they will let me withdraw for free anyway but at this point I would not worry and I am sure that I will get the money.

In the mean time, thank you to both you and especially to Justin7 for taking the time to give this case a lot of attention.



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