GetWin- latest Malta Sportsbook to commit theft

Share with: (SBR rating D-) has confiscated winnings from eight players. All of the players are unrelated to one another, but file similar complaints. accuses the players of being in violation of wagering rules.





GetWin claims that the players are guilty of organized wagering, or syndicate play.

What is a betting syndicate?
A betting syndicate is a stable of sports bettors that work in collusion to beat sportsbooks. The bettors pool together resources to circumvent a sportsbook limits, beat them to line moves, conspiring to place wagers simultaneously.

In order to prove syndicate play, a sportsbook must be able to establish that the accounts are in fact related. GetWin has failed to prove any player that has been confiscated from has even shared an IP address. GetWin gives players no chance to address the allegations.

GetWin Sportsbook: Even after the official outcome of the related selections is already known, bet selections may also be deemed void if the company believes that clients are acting in collusion or as a syndicate or the bets in question have been placed by one or more clients within a short period of time. Placing identical bets from more than one account might be considered a syndicate even if the personal betting limits have not been reached. Syndicate betting is considered as fraud and may lead to reduction of betting limits, closing of account, confiscation of winnings and/or cancellation of all placed bets (even decided ones). Legal action may also be considered.

GetWin's theft totals more than €8,000.

Malta Sportsbooks
GetWin is the latest Malta-based sportsbook to come under fire. Scam sportsbook operators often choose Malta to startup business due to the country's lax online gaming regulation. Previous scam sportsbooks include Stryyke (SBR rating F), BetOnBet (SBR rating F), BetAfterBet (SBR rating F). Malta-based sportsbooks often do not provide a phone number for customer support.

GetWin has been assessed with a rating of D-, and occupies a spot on SBR's scam sportsbooks blacklist.


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