Geobet Sportsbook rips off another player

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Geobet sportsbook news

A Geobet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has reported being ripped off by bonus rules. The player registered with Geobet to take advantage of their 100% welcome bonus. The player has told SBR that at the time he accepted their offer, he scanned all terms and conditions related to the bonus. He then began to place wagers to complete his rollover.

After 2-3 days of play, the player lost all sportsbook access as the Olympian Group decided to temporary close its sportsbooks amid a security investigation caused by suspected fraud.

Once the player finally regained access to his account, he placed two more bets and reached a balance of €926. At this time, and with €1400 in bonus rollover remaining, the player reported having his account banned and his initial deposit of €100 refunded to Skrill.

His violation? Accepting the bonus.

The player had redeemed bonuses at both Geobet and GR88. The two online sportsbooks are both under the Olympian Group family tree, and recently added restrictions that allow for all winnings to be confiscated if players receive a bonus at multiple shops within their parent company, which includes Bulldog777 (SBR rating D).

SBR reported on July 21 that other users reported being ripped off by the sportsbooks bonus rules.

SBR has argued to management that players are currently able to come in, deposit, play, and after winning be told their play is invalid. This constitutes a freeroll on their play: They stand no chance to win, but can lose.

The sportsbook complaints remain open.

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