Gamblers Watch As Bitcoin Approaches $1,000

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Christmas 2016 is the gift that keeps on giving to bitcoin speculators, sports gamblers, and merchants with skin in the game.

The digital currency is presently just about $32 away from cracking the $1,000 mark; even conservative radio show host Alex Jones has suggested bitcoin is a must have global currency which is not done growing yet.

For gamblers that are holding bitcoin in their online wallets or at bitcoin exclusive sports betting sites, the holiday season has been generous to their bankrolls. Bitcoin appreciates while stored in betting accounts or wallets, like a regular currency except the growth patterns are on steroids. There is downside — bitcoin could tank just as easily — though chart watchers attempt to predict these movements and point to line stability over time.

Gamblers can discuss bitcoin sportsbooks, price movement, and general questions in the bitcoin sports betting forum.

Sportsbook Review released a recent bitcoin video tutorial focusing on the basics of how to get started purchasing and using bitcoin for the purposes of sports betting.

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