Gamblers outraged over Hawks vs 49ers ending

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Many sports bettors are starting to believe that the Seattle Seahawks have more than just lady luck on their side. Divine intervention, referee influence, and even opposing head coach decisions are some of what's believed to have helped the NFL club jump out to a 5-2 record against the betting spread in 2012.

In last night's Seahawks vs 49ers matchup, Seattle covered throughout the game. That didn't matter to the 49ers backers who invested in San Fran to win by 8 or more. 

The controversial last play of the game came with Seattle backed up in their own endzone facing a fourth down, rookie QB Russell Wilson heaved a pass close to the first-down marker, but it was not to be. A flag was thrown for an offensive high-low block inside the endzone, resulting in a safety which changed the game to a 9 point spread (SF 15, Sea 6).

SF head coach Jim Harbaugh declined to accept the safety.

The reason Harbaugh declined was because if Seattle failed to in fact get the first down, the game was essentially over; the 49ers could line up in victory formation for one final kneel-down to end the game, rather than accept the safety and have Seattle potentially get the ball back. Seattle would still be down two scores with under 45 seconds to go, but Harbaugh, perhaps not willing to risk injury, opted to take the points off the board, igniting a furor amongst 49ers backers.

Some bettors are rewinding a few weeks to the Packers vs Seahawks MNF debacle. Some point to their own karma, that time they jay-walked or opened an umbrella indoors— whatever the case may be, sports bettors at SBRForum are not happy.

SBR learned from the GM of Legends Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) that 70% of pointspread wagers were on the 49ers. Similarly, a report by indicated that a minimum $250 million was believed to be wagered on the game worldwide, with an average of 65% on the 49ers pointspread.

With last night's cover, the Seattle Seahawks improve to 15-2-1 ATS as underdogs over the last two years — maybe it's not just luck?

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