French Open Futures Betting: Sportsbook comparison

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Sportsbook Review reported on the Top 5 Sportsbooks to bet the French Open earlier this month, and the French Open betting futures directory which shows the side by side sportsbook comparison for current market odds. With just over 24 hours to go until the French Open kicks off, this article touches on the available French Open betting odds.

French Open 2014: Mens winner odds

World number one Rafael Nadal is presently trading at an average market price of +142. This means for every $100 risked a ticket will return $142. This price factors in Nadal's pedigree at the French Open, having won a record eight Roland Garros trophies so far in his impressive career. If we further analyze the market by looking at the prices offered in the French Open betting futures directory at SBR, we can see that 5Dimes has Rafael Nadal on offer at +175 - a very considerable $33 more than the market average. Every $100 risked pays $33 more when wagering Rafael Nadal at 5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+).

Best sportsbook to wager on Rafael Nadal: 5Dimes

Having a look through the other prices on the page, we can see that world number two Novak Djokovic is trading at an average market price of +143 - extremely close to the average on Rafael Nadal, and for good reason. The Serbian superstar recently defeated Nadal in a three set match in the Monte Carlo masters. Taking a closer look at the odds on offer for Novak Djokovic, at the time of writing this publication, the price shifted positively by two cents at Pinnacle Sportsbook to +150 (a $100 wager returns $150 in profit). Wagering at Pinnacle pays $7 more than the average sportsbook per $100 risked. Pinnacle is tied with WilliamHill for this price; so players would need to decide what's more important to them before deciding which shop is best for betting Djokovic. WilliamHill has the advantage of many more in-play betting opportunities than Pinnacle, but Pinnacle has reduced juice on every wager.

Best sportsbook to wager on Novak Djokoci: Pinnacle / WilliamHill

Below we can see a snapshot of the recent odds movement on Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal per the French Open betting by sportsbook directory at SBR:

French Open 2014: Womens winner odds

Serena Williams is expected to repeat as champion at Roland Garros. She is priced at an average of +121, which means a $100 wager returns $121 in profit. There is less variation on the prices offered by online sportsbooks on Serena Williams as the difference in skill levels is far more pronounced on the ladies tour than with the men; so the best we can make out by using the line shopping tool offered in the French Open betting directory at SBR is by accepting the odds of +135 on offer at SportsInteraction (SIA). Runner ups for the best line on Serena Williams are 5Dimes (+125), Ladbrokes (+125), and WilliamHill (+125).

Best sportsbook to wager on Serena Williams: SportsInteraction

The average trading price of former French Open champion Maria Sharapova is +510 ($100 pays $510). Sharapova is the second shortest player in the event (in terms of the odds that is). 5Dimes Sportsbook and Ladbrokes offer the best market price on Sharapova with their +600 or 6 to 1 payoff. A $100 bet on Maria Sharapova pays a whopping $90 more if you wager her with 5Dimes or Ladbrokes. 5Dimes is known for offering reduced juice and lightning fast payouts while Ladbrokes offer more international and in-play betting opportunities.

Best sportsbook to wager on Maria Sharapova: 5Dimes / Ladbrokes

Whichever way you choose to wager, make sure to bookmark the 2014 French Open Betting by Sportsbook directory at SBR.

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