Free NFL & College Football Betting Contest: Still time to join

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There is still time left to join the free $30,000 NFL and College Football betting contest.

The "Beat The Prick" contest is in its eleventh season at the SBR network.

The contest awards $7,500 to first place and is themed around users out-handicapping professional handicapper "The Prick", a lovable and heavy-set Southern couch potato.

There are currently 1,473 SBR members enrolled in the contest. The Prick is presently in 12th place of all members with a 7-1-1 record; his only loss coming with California blowing a 3 touchdown cover margin in the second half against Texas, and his only push coming with the Patriots giving up a garbage TD with 2 seconds left on the clock against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sportsbook Review's Peter Loshak interviewed The Prick on his round two slate of picks for the contest, which is embedded to the right of this article.

Deadline to enter the free sports betting contest
Players must register for the contest before the end of NFL Week 4 in order to make enough picks to be eligible for the season-ending prizes. However, players can join at any time to be eligible for that week's 150,000 in SBR free play points. The contest runs for the first 16 NFL weeks.

Free play points can be turned into betpoints and redeemed at the SBR Store, which offers real-world merchandise, electronics, apparel, gift cards, and sportsbook cash for international members.

Players with questions on joining the free NFL and NCAAF Betting Contest can make their inquiries in the SBR Posting Forum.

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