Free NCAA Bracket Contest Open for Registration

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Sportsbook Review's 2016 NCAA Bracket contest is now open for registration.

The contest is open to the general public: contestants must simply create an SBR Forum username and proceed to enroll at the bracket entry site.

The top 20 contestants will split a prize-pool of 100,000 betpoints, good for immediate redemption at the SBR Store.

1st. 25,000 betpoints
2nd. 17,500 betpoints
3rd. 15,000 betpoints
4th. 12,000 betpoints
5th. 8,000 betpoints
6th. 5,000 betpoints
7th. 3,000 betpoints
8th. 2,800 betpoints
9th. 2,500 betpoints
10th. 2,200 betpoints
11-15th. 900 betpoints
16-20th. 500 betpoints

Brackets will be open for submission after Selection Sunday on Sunday, March 13. The deadline to submit brackets is Thursday, March 17 at 12:15PM ET.

For more information on joining the 2016 NCAA Bracket Contest, visit Sportsbook Review's posting forum.

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