Free NBA Finals Contest: Win $210 Gift Card

SBR Forum has posted tonight's progressive pizza jackpot for predicting the final score of the NBA Finals game 4.

Simply pick the correct exact final score for both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers to win a $210 pizza gift card.

As there have been no winners in previous weeks, the prize has skyrocketed from $15 originally all the way up to $210.

Users must have a free SBR Forum account to participate.

Cost of Entry
The contest is 100% free. Deadline for entry is 8:59PM ET tonight.

The winner can choose between Papa Johns or Pizza Hut.

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Posters' Poll Pts Rating
#1 5Dimes 675
#2 Heritage 665
#3 Bookmaker 380
#4 Pinnacle 310
#5 BetOnline 165
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