Free football handicapping contests registering!

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SBRforum's "Beat The Prick" football handicapping contest is back! Contestants will square off each week in an attempt to defeat "The Prick", the unkempt forum mascot known for his signature southern charm and pithy one-liners. "The Prick" makes four football picks at the start of each week, taking those picks off the board while forum contestants choose from that weekend's NFL and NCAAF slate of sides and totals. Those who outscore "The Prick" with a positive units record receive a weighted share of 50,000 SBR points per week. Standings are kept each week and at the conclusion of the contest the top eight finishers receive part of a whopping $10,000 prize. Contestants are mathematically eligible to claim the grand prize if they join the football handicapping contest prior to week four. The cash is paid to the winners with no strings attached after the 15th NFL week.

Another free, big prize handicapping contest is also registering for months one and two of the football year. The free SBRforum football contest is a picks pool that all users with valid SBRforum accounts are eligible to play, the unique contest offers prizes like a 55'' LG TV for first place (valued at more than $1,500), stereo equipment, laptops and more. All users must do is register for the free football contest here.


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