Former post-up book BetEagle facilitating agent theft?

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SportsbookReview has received two disputes from players with former post-up sportsbook BetEagle (SBR rating D+) . BetEagle states it no longer takes deposits from new players as of this summer. Two player disputes were filed with SBR since that time. Players claim over $21,000 was stolen by rogue betting agents. BetEagle has no oversight of agents using its platform, and will not stand for player funds. On July 23rd a BetEagle manager wrote to SBR stating that the stiff agent, who owes one player $15,000, is still allowed to do business with other unsuspecting bettors on its platform because the agent still has a balance with BetEagle:

He (the agent) has enough money up with us to keep his business open, I have no idea if the player is crying wolf, we cannot just shut him down. I understand you are doing your part but you need to know as long as their is credit business being dealt, there will be people on both sides getting shorted.

A second BetEagle player wrote on September 3rd that he was solicited by an agent to start a credit account with BetEagle. The player believes his contact information was obtained through a mailing list. The two solicitation emails the player received appear as if they are BetEagle promotions, and not invitation from an individual agent. The player won over $6,000 betting at BetEagle and his agent is refusing to honor his winnings. BetEagle is again claiming no responsibility for the agent's activity.
Playing with credit bookmakers is essentially the same as using a private bookie. There is rarely anything the hosting website can do except refuse to allow the scam agent-bookmaker to use its website as a tool to steal from bettors in the future. Thus far BetEagle has failed to do so.

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