Football Teaser Odds for NFL Sunday

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The spread is 3 in both the AFC and NFC Championship game.

While this number falls outside the range of "Wong" teasers, which call for teasing +2.5 underdogs in a standard six-point teaser, it is likely that many online sports bettors will be giving teasers a hard look this NFL Sunday after teaser bettors destroyed betting sites last weekend.

Sportsbook Review reported that it was a bloody Sunday both off-shore and in Las Vegas. In fact, at least one Vegas casino temporarily suspended teaser betting action consequently.

The popular exotic bets give an additional point spread/total cushion by adding points onto the regular odds. For instance, a 7 point favorite would be reduced to only needing to cover a point spread of 1 in a standard teaser. A second side might also be included, as all teasers must contain at least two sides.

Sports betting sites will even let bettors tease for 13 points and include as many as ten teams or more; these special bets are known as super teasers.

Sportsbook Review has a list of the best football teaser odds offered by online sportsbooks.

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