Football Betting Kit for Beginners: The Tools to Profit

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The 2016 College Football season officially kicks off tonight with California taking on Hawaii. California are currently 20 point favorites at online sportsbooks. But before getting to the spread, money line, halves, quarters, and betting galore, it is important to learn the intricacies of the game so that you bet with your head as much as your heart and have the best chance to be profitable over the long haul.

The below resources from the Sportsbook Review network can get you started on a winning direction.

How to Bet On Sports
Sportsbook Review recently released a multi-page guide covering all of the basics for an average Joe getting started with betting on sports. Learn the lingo, become familiar with what savvy industry veterans have learned, and maximize the opportunity to beat your bookmaker and finish the football season in the black instead of the red.

Understanding Football Odds
Before diving in and making your first sports bet, first you need to become familiar with the odds. What is a -200 favorite? How many points does a 12-point favorite need to win by? There is no such thing as a stupid question. Learn the odds using the how to bet on sports guide.

Opening a Sportsbook Account
With so many online sportsbooks to choose from, taking the first step and creating a betting account can seem like a painstakingly difficult process. By using the resources available on the SBR network, players can let the online sportsbooks rating guide work for them by choosing a betting site that does everything they are looking for and more.

Finding a Sportsbook Bonus
It has been said time and time again and it bears repeating: Not all online sportsbook bonuses are created equal. Understand the significance of sportsbook bonuses and how to shop for them on the Sportsbook Review network.

Best Football Teasers
The best football teasers odds list shows the sportsbooks with the best teaser payouts. In what was a big shock to the sportsbook industry and players alike was that during last year's NFL playoffs there was a weekend which saw every combination of a teaser bet cash. The most popular form of a teaser bet, known as a Wong teaser, calls for teasing NFL home favorites from -7.5 to -8.5 and home underdogs from +1.5 to +2.5, crossing both the three and seven in a conventional six point teaser. In the old days of the industry, such a teaser would return even money on a two-teamer, though the market standard is now -110.

Parlay Odds
The parlay odds payouts directory shows a bettor how much a parlay wager of various sizes is expected to pay out. Known as accumulator bets to international bettors, a parlay is a wager which involves more than one outcome for the bet to be graded. An example of a parlay wager is one which would require both the Packers and Browns winning. In exchange for the added risk associated with parlays, bettors are rewarded with higher payouts, which is especially useful when the games run simultaneously.

Betting Tools
SBR has developed a number of custom betting tools and calculators to improve your handicapping experience. Access everything from a betting odds converter, spread/ML converter, parlay calculator, Kelly calculator, and many more sports betting tools.

NFL Betting Picks
Access NFL betting predictions from sports handicappers as well as original video content from the highly successful Odds Couple featuring Peter Loshak and Mike Brenner.

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