Fonbet player says winning tennis bets not graded

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An online sports bettor has filed a complaint against Fonbet. The player won $1,200 betting on a challenger tour doubles tennis match.

The event was the Bratislava Challenger.

The wagers were each for the margin of a 2:0 set finish between Bozoljac/Zelenay and Satral/Smirnov on 12 November 2015.

Originally, Fonbet graded the tennis wagers as a win, but later changed the bets to no action.

Fonbet did not expand on their decision to cancel the winning bets, though the tennis world is reeling after a report by BuzzFeed suggested that as many as 16 players were involved in tennis match-fixing over the years, and that the ATP has ignored what has been going on right under its nose.

Sportsbook Review has received a handful of betting complaints from players who claim that their winning bets on various matches were not paid.

Sportsbook Review is investigating this Fonbet betting complaint.

Fonbet is a C rated betting site. Sports bettors having trouble with Fonbet are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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