Floyd Mayweather Saves The Day for Online Sportsbooks

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It's official: Floyd Mayweather will be given a fruit basket from many online sportsbooks and Las Vegas casinos.

As Sportsbook Review detailed in the Mayweather vs. McGregor betting consensus report, online sportsbooks received lopsided action on Conor McGregor in the two months leading up to yesterday's first of its kind UFC vs. Boxing super-fight.

Sportsbooks would have been on the hook for millions had McGregor delivered on his promise to stop Mayweather.

Pinnacle, one of the most well-known and 'sharpest' sports betting websites, shared that they had received over 72% of wagers on McGregor, which resulted in their line plummeting from the -1000/+673 opener to -485/+358 at closing. The same dramatic line movement took place at other sportsbooks listed on SBR Odds. It was clear: The Fighting Irish were betting their man, as well as most of the wagering public.

The First of Its Kind, In Every Way
The general perception is that the wagering public has a tendency to blindly support the favorite, but with the popularity of McGregor and the lack of mainstream support for Mayweather, beyond the masses who simply tune in to see if he'll finally lose, there was market movement as unique as the sensational event itself. A public bloodthirsty for Mayweather to experience defeat for the first time in his brilliant 21-year professional career, and online sportsbook managers glued to the TV like anyone else. Trading Director Marco Blume at Pinnacle had the following to say in the days leading up to the bout: "Without data we have no model and so we are simply letting the market guide us. In this rarest of circumstances I will be watching the event as eagerly as any bettor out there, enjoying the spectacle and the uncertainty of the outcome."

The Night's Biggest Winners
Aside from the books who ended the evening in the black, online sports bettors who played the prop market potentially scored big if they wagered any of the below Mayweather vs. McGregor prop betting markets.

Mayweather by KO/TKO/DQ: -150 at most sportsbooks, so a $150 wager returned $100 in profit.

Mayweather Wins in Rounds 10-12: Around +700 at most sportsbooks.

Mayweather Wins in Round 10: +1200 odds, so a $100 wager returned $1,200 in profit.

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