Five Tips for Choosing a Betting Site

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There are hundreds of betting sites all over the internet. Operators around the globe have a common goal — Attract new business and grow their brand. But with so many sportsbooks and casinos to choose from, how do players distinguish the legitimate companies from the outright scams? These five tips can make the difference between a healthy bankroll and one flushed down the drain.

Break out the notepad or in this digital age the Windows post-it notes and consider these suggestions.

Tip #1: Information is your friend, use SBR resources
Many sports bettors start out exploring the internet on their own, ignoring forums and information portals and getting right into the wagering process, in a sense these bettors "go in blind". Countless times, SBR has received complaints from players that got hot and heavy with a sportsbook only to discover that they've been conned. With free resources like the SBR sportsbook ratings guide, reviews, and top betting sites list, the heavy lifting has been done for you. Check out the available resources before choosing a betting site; just as you wouldn't buy the latest iPhone without discovering if it supports NFC (yes, it does), you should similarly read the SBR content to find the best sportsbook for your money.

Tip #2: Don't judge a book by its cover
Some long-standing pillars of the online sports betting world have websites that look like they were designed in the stone age. D- rated sportsbooks like meanwhile have websites with the glitz and glamor you'd expect walking down the Las Vegas strip. Don't be fooled by the bright lights, the value is always in what lays underneath the hood.

Tip #3: Define what you're looking for
A good sportsbook to you might be nothing but a headache to the next guy. Don't assume that all websites were created equal. Certain sportsbooks excel at live, in-play betting. Others have led the way integrating their products on mobile devices. Some take bitcoin, others offer just one or two funding options. And if you don't feel like navigating 34 websites manually, read tip #1 again, and get on over to the sportsbook ratings guide.

Tip #4: Compare betting sites against one another
Once you've utilized the SBR resources and you've narrowed down the list to a few candidates for your business, check out in real-time how many markets are offered on each sport, how early markets are posted for the next week's sporting events, how frequently lines update following an across the board move. Sound complicated? It's not, sports gamblers have used SBR Odds since its inception in 2004, and it is the fastest free sportsbook line monitoring service on the internet. There is no need to have twelve monitors hooked up and a mechanical bird hitting F5 every 15 seconds to watch for line moves: SBR Odds does it for you, for free.

Tip #5: Be ready to gamble responsibly
One of the biggest challenges new online sports bettors have is acclimating to the speed of the internet. You can wager dozens of events simultaneously and with the click of a mouse commit many thousands of dollars. It is a different game entirely than standing in a crowded sportsbook, waiting in a queue to physically hand your cash over after mulling over a few wagers. Make sure to pace yourself and bet within your means.

Best of luck on your journey finding a top betting site. Submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR if you run into a problem along the way.

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