Five Sportsbooks to Avoid as Football Season looms

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Online sportsbook blacklist

August is a month of excitement for football gamblers whose itch for betting on pigskins is just about to be satisfied. NFL preseason gives bettors and fans alike the first chance to check out how newly added players will perform, even if the games are relatively meaningless. It is also a time when online sportsbooks set their bonus promotions for the year - even the ones to avoid.

While the industry itself eventually flushes out the garbage bookmakers — companies with no intention of paying, operating on shaky ground financially, or with unsustainable business models, it is an unfortunate reality that many fishes are caught on the hook before taking note of negative feedback or glaring warning signs.

SBR advises players to treat each sportsbook as they would a prospective son-in-law. Grill them. Ask questions. Determine if they're really here to stay. Aside from utilizing free services like the SBR sportsbook rating guide, players can also read what others have to say by navigating the gambler's feedback forum at SBR.

What online sportsbooks are a good idea to cross off the list for your business headed into this season?

#1: Oddsmaker Sportsbook
Oddsmaker has confiscated over $250,000 from winning bettors to date. The only crime of these players were to get involved with a company that treats deposited funds like their own. Oddsmaker seizes account balances from players who are alleged to be in violation of their "non-recreational" rule: A rule designed to fleece players with a clue. Despite their expansive marketing budget, Oddsmaker continues to plague an industry many already have trust issues with.

#2: BetRevolution Sportsbook
BetRevolution recently zeroed the account balances of three winning players - confiscating over $26,000 while accusing the trio of syndicate betting. In one of the most controversial sportsbook cases of the year, BetRevolution admitted searching for the players through Facebook in a bizarre attempt to demonstrate the player's knew one another. BetRevolution did itself no further favors as they attempted to spin their way out of the theft with reasoning more suitable for a kangaroo court.

#3: Dimeline Sportsbook and BTG Global family
Dimeline and its related sites were recently added to the SBR Blacklist. The sportsbook has openly admitted intentionally delaying player withdrawals that complain about their service. One such player has waited since February for a $2,400 payout. While the company has been in business for years, it appears to have fallen on hard times as they've reverted to their previous rough handling of player accounts that had them on the blacklist in 2007.

#4: GeoBet, Bulldog777, GR88 family
The Olympian Group sportsbooks are confiscating winnings from players who retroactively violated bonus terms and conditions. Entire balances are being seized from those who have accepted bonuses at multiple skins within the family. Some of the players received specific marketing letters before creating accounts. Players are allowed to run up balances but have no chance at getting paid more than their starting deposit - which is at risk.

#5: Bet33 and RDG Corp
Bet33 was founded by the former owner of Apex Sportsbook, which went bankrupt in 2004 and closed while owing players thousands of dollars. The new venture became successful and allowed for the repayment of some players, though no figure was ever released on the number of the players who were stiffed nearly a decade prior. While Bet33 and related companies within the RDG Corp family (such as 1Vice) have no current glaring issues, player risk is greater than at sportsbooks without a history of skipping out on the tabs.

Sportsbook has been in business since 1999 and is the world's leading online sportsbook watchdog authority. Players in need of sportsbook assistance should file an SBR complaint.

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