Five new Bet2Be complaints filed, two payouts made

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Bet2Be sportsbook news

Five new Bet2Be (SBR rating D) complaints have been received. Sportsbook Review reported Tuesday that 25 payout complaints have been submitted by players, and that six players reported payment after lengthy delays. Bet2Be presently owes $25,237 to 17 players; the oldest request was made August 9.

Two more players have reported payment since the last SBR update.

Player one received $3000 from a request made August 25. He received half the withdrawal on October 3 and the remainder on Oct 13. Player two received $765 from a request made September 14.

New Bet2Be complaints
Three of the five new Bet2Be complaints are over pending withdrawals.

One player has been owed $4972 since August 25. He claims that Bet2Be has accused him of operating multiple accounts, a charge which he adamantly denies.

A second player has been owed $750 since the beginning of September and has been given no updates from the betting site.

A third player has been owed $587 since the first week of October and has also been given no information on when his payout would be processed.

Betting complaints
Two of the Bet2Be disputes involve wagers.

A player reported that a £20 tennis wager on a Shanghai Rolex ATP Masters match was voided. The wager was on the match between Fognini and Wang; he claims that the betting odds were in-line with the market. He complained to the sportsbook and asked why the bet was canceled, but was given no information.

In the second wagering dispute, a player wagered £100 on CSKA Moscow to beat Rubin Kazan. Bet2Be cancelled the wager within hours of it being placed; the player figured Bet2Be would cite the betting odds as being out of line with the market, but he never received the credit back for the £100 stake.

Sportsbook Review is following up on the latest Bet2Be complaints, and has written the Gambling Supervision Commission in Isle of Man on the large number of payout complaints submitted in relatively short time, as well as the unheard of request for players to submit "proof of tax payments" as reported by SBR in the initial Bet2Be complaints report.

Bet2Be players in need of assistance are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint.

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