Five more irate GoBetGo Sportsbook players tell their story

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Five more players burned by the downfall of GoBetGo Sportsbook have submitted sportsbook complaint forms with SBR. The players say they were totally blindisded by the sudden collapse of GoBetGo, who folded overnight while basically saying "oops!" in a short letter on their homepage. Players are owed at least $200,000.

The sudden meltdown of GoBetGo serves to highlight the importance of playing with well-established sportsbooks. Sportsbook Review has ranked and rated more than 1,000 sportsbooks in its history since debuting as a watchdog in 1999.

GoBetGo players sound off: "I'm reporting a fraudulent incident with GoBetGo.  My account has been closed without my $1000+ USD balance payout. I'm wondering if you have any knowledge on how to recover this money or provide an advice to assist me," wrote one player.

"Is there no hope at all to get funds from GoBetGo? They can just close like that and say bye-bye?" commented a second player.

The following message was posted on the homepage, to the outrage of many bettors:

"Our strategy to offer the best odds on the planet with very low margins did not prove to be a successful one, given the clientele we attracted and the payment processing and marketing costs we incurred. During the period of November/December there was a large withdrawal wave, which entirely emptied our company balances and as we stand, we are insolvent.Therefore, we deeply regret to inform you, that as of today we are effectively closing -Sincerely yours, GoBetGo Management."

Players in need of assistance with a sportsbook should write to

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