Find all sportsbooks with a 50% or higher bonus

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The sportsbook rating guide allows players to search for all sportsbooks with a 50% or higher bonus.

Players can choose the bonus amount they would like to see per bonus type (cash or free play) and include other data to help with selecting an online sportsbook that matches their needs.

In the example of a 20% or higher cash bonus, 85 online sportsbooks rated from A+ to F appear.

Modifying the search to show only sportsbooks with a 20% or higher free play bonus (where the risk amount does not get added back to your balance, and is thus worth about 50% of a cash bonus with equal rollover conditions) 58 online bookmaking websites appear. These online sportsbooks are rated from A+ to F.

Upping the ante and searching for 50% or higher cash bonuses brings 58 results from sportsbooks rated anywhere from A+ to F.

Players must be extremely cautious this time of year depositing at websites rated lower on the SBR rankings list simply for their signup bonus. This is a time of year where online sportsbook scams try to compete with more reputable businesses by offering what they promote as bigger and better bonuses, the BetMayor and EasyStreets of the world as prime examples of sportsbooks that promised fast bonuses and fast payouts only to fold in the middle of the night without paying player balances.

Sportsbook Review's mission statement is to serve as a sportsbook industry watchdog and player advocate. This is why even the clear worst of all sportsbooks are included in the SBR rating guide, so players are armed with the information that they need to make their own decisions and not perceive there to be a bias. However, players that just want to deposit at a website with a good bonus and who do not want to spend hours looking for a website may wish to consider the betting sites listed in the best sportsbooks list. These are the websites that have been online for years without significant player complaints and who are considered the safest and most trusted sportsbooks in the industry.

As always, players can submit a sportsbook complaint if in need of assistance with an online bookmaker.

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