Exclusivebet cites T&Cs in confiscation complaint

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Online sportsbook Exclusivebet has addressed the player complaint involving a confiscated €1,600 balance.

The player claimed that he did nothing wrong and wagered normally on small to mid-level soccer leagues.

His bets were mostly for €20-€70 at a time. The player felt that he was being penalized for wagering on non-major leagues.

The player was accused of "suspicious betting" by Exclusivebet, which caused him to believe that he was being unfairly targeted due to wagering on leagues where the bookmakers may not have as tight of a control over. He made the point that there is practically no value due to how sharp the lines are in major leagues like Primera division or Premier League.

Exclusivebet player comments: "Yeah yeah I don't deny it, I was staking 20-70 EUR on [expletive] leagues (lithuania,latvia,iceland,cyprus etc) !!! But what is wrong with making bets on these medium-low leagues??? If I bet on big leagues like Primera division,Premier League,Seria A , Bundesliga etc, then I will NEVER NEVER make any profits."

Sportsbook Review followed up with the online sportsbook, which uses OddsMatrix software, to discuss the complaint.

A relative non-answer was given with Exclusivebet citing their terms and conditions: "The client agreed joining on our site that per Terms and Conditions we do reserve the right to close the account at any time, should we suspect any misuse of the platform, or any attempt of fraud and criminal activity as stated at the Section 9: Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity. We take any reasonable steps to comply with the site rules and avoid suspect activities made through the platform. As such, the deposit made by the aforementioned user has been accordingly returned to his account.".

No other information was provided from the online sportsbook on how or why this conclusion was reached. The player adamantly denies wrongdoing, and has blogged his frustration in the SBR Posting Forum.

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