Exclusivebet Accuses Player of Suspicious Betting

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Exclusivebet Sportsbook has addressed the complaint filed by a player who claimed that his winning balance was confiscated after going on a hot streak.

The player claimed that after putting in for his first ever account withdrawal, his account was soon after restricted by the online sports betting website.

Sportsbook Review was told that the player's deposit was fine and cleared, but that they believe he was guilty of violating their terms and conditions pertaining to "suspicious betting".

However, Exclusivebet claimed that they came to this conclusion with the help of their software provider who manage other sportsbooks betting platforms. It was not immediately clear if Exclusivebet itself believed that the player was making the same bets as another account-holder, or if the limits were circumvented.

Suspicious Betting Fine-Print

a) For the purpose of this Clause 9.5, "suspicious betting" shall refer to where we have reasonable grounds to believe that a Bet or a number of Bets have been placed in suspicious circumstances. Suspicious betting shall include, but not be limited to:i. where there is an inordinate frequency and/or highly unusual pattern of Bets (by comparison with betting norms) placed on the same selection(s) in a short space of time; ii. where there is an inordinate frequency and/or highly unusual pattern of Bets placed on the same selection(s) and where the theoretical probability of said selection(s) winning at the time of Bet(s) placement, based on the odds offered on the selection(s) at the time of Bet placement, is largely inconsistent with the theoretical probability of the same selection(s) winning calculated using their starting prices,"

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