Exclusivebet accuses player of "suspicious betting"

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An Exclusivebet Sportsbook player has filed a payout complaint.

The player profited €1,600 wagering what he claims was mostly medium to low popularity soccer leagues. His wagers were mostly for €20-€70 bets at a time.

Exclusivebet closed the player's account on October 9 and confiscated €1,600 accusing him of "suspicious betting".

The player claims his wagers were all straight bets and not in conjunction with any other account-holder. He believes that the leagues he wagered may have something to do with the confiscation, but does not understand why.

Exclusivebet Player: "Yeah yeah I don't deny it, I was staking 20-70 EUR on [expletive] leagues (lithuania,latvia,iceland,cyprus etc) !!! But what is wrong with making bets on these medium-low leagues??? If I bet on big leagues like Primera division,Premier League,Seria A , Bundesliga etc, then I will NEVER NEVER make any profits."

The player correctly pointed out that there is often more betting value to be had picking off softer leagues than wagering on the biggest leagues; it is the same reason European basketball has far lower wagering limits than the NBA for example, or the Canadian Football League having lower betting limits than the NFL.

Exclusivebet Sportsbook Platform
Exclusivebet is a sportsbook using the OddsMatrix (EveryMatrix) platform.

Sportsbook Review has asked a manager for comment on the dispute.

Exclusivebet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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