Evaluating a Sportsbook? Consider Word of Mouth

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Online sportsbooks have caught up with the times. Bookmakers have fashioned themselves into media companies with clever marketing departments capitalizing on today's social media landscape while the cold-calling of yesteryear has mostly ceased.

Sportsbooks spend piles of cash on connecting with potential players through various forms of advertising — television (in markets which allow), sporting jerseys, print ads, radio spots, the list goes on and on.

However, perhaps the truest way a player can weigh betting companies is also maybe the most old-fashioned: Word of mouth. The SBR Posting Forum has a section designated solely for player feedback, complaints, reviews, and breakdowns on each member's experience with online sportsbooks. There is a monthly payout report log as well as a current member poll for top sportsbooks.

At the end of the day, a clever advertisement is trumped by real and honest feedback. It is true that sometimes forums can provide shelter to squeaky wheels or attract only the naysayers, which is why only forums with a deep member count, such as the SBR Forum Community which has over 400,000 active members, should be considered vs. sites that sprouted up overnight.

In addition to player reviews and feedback, readers can refer to the online sportsbooks rating guide which measures and ranks betting sites from a scale of A+ (best) to F (worst).

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