Euro 2016 Prop Bet Dispute Over Coach's Handshake

A NordicBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a wagering complaint.

The player wagered on a special Euro 2016 prop bet on whether one manager would refuse to shake hands with the other following the result of the game with Russia and Slovakia.

The Euro 2016 fixture took place on June 15.

The player believes that his wager was a winner because no post-game handshake took place, however NordicBet's wagering floor decided that because there was not a verbal refusal to shake hands that the wager was a loser.

The player has pointed out that the phrasing of the wager does not lend itself to this grading, which many players have since echoed who are in the same boat at an international sports betting forum.

Sportsbook Review has asked NordicBet for comment on the case. Prop bets must be clearly worded to avoid misinterpretation. It is unreasonable to conclude from "Will a manager refuse to shake hands with the other teams manager" that a verbal denial is necessary for the sports bet to be a winner.




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