Euro 2016 Betting Complaint Filed by Soccer Bettor

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A soccer bettor has filed a complaint against Grosvenor Casino (unrated), a UK online casino and sportsbook.

The player placed two bets he believed should have been graded as winners by the bookie on Portugal vs. France, a game which was won by Portugal in added extra time for the Euro 2016 championship.

Grosvenor player: "I placed two bets of £10.00 and £50.00 at different odds. The £50.00 bet was supposed to pay out £337.50 and the £10.00 bet was supposed to pay out a smaller amount of around £36.00.I placed both bets on 'Portugal' to win the football match, which they did. I was extremely surprised to find out that my betting slips were stated as 'losses', as if I didn't win my bet."

The player detailed contacting the betting site and being told the following:

"I sent Grosvenor an email and all they had to say was that Portugal scored the winning goal after the original 90 minutes. I stated to them that I was never informed of any such rules when I was placing the bet; but they have no intention of helping my cause.I feel that the outcome of the bet was extremely unfair. Especially due to the fact that I placed a bet on Portugal to win and was not provided with any information on extra rules at the time the bet was placed."

It is currently unclear if the player placed a bet on the 3-way line or a special prop line on Portugal winning outright. A bet on regulation time only would have been loser as the draw was a winner during regulation.

Sportsbook Review is investigating.

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