eSports Gamers arrested for alleged match fixing

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There have been nine arrests in South Korea for alleged match fixing of StarCraft 2 matches.

Two prominent South Korean pro gamers were among those arrested, as well as the head coach of Team PRIME Park Wae-Sik, also known as "Gerrard".  Gerrard is alleged to have acted as a middleman between parties.

Aside from the legal consequences, the players face lifetime banishment from the sport.

News broke on GamesRadar of the arrests, which were announced yesterday by the Korean eSports Association.

The matches involved professional gamers Choi Byeong-Heon (also known as gamer "YoDa") and player Choi Jong-Huk (who goes by BBongBBoong).

eSports Gamer accused of taking dive for $27,000
As reported at the website, player YoDa is specifically charged with manipulating results for four matches inside of tournaments Proleague, and GSL Code A and S. He is accused of taking a dive for the equivalent of $27,000.

According to the report, several other individuals allegedly connected to organized crime groups and who acted as agents for various gambling rings were implicated.

eSports has surged in popularity in the United States and has even becoming a mainstay offering at some online sportsbooks, prompting SBR to add eSports to the sportsbook rating guide on August 15.

Between match fixing of eSports and alleged insider trading in fantasy sports betting, wagering on the NFL and other major sports leagues with a traditional sportsbook that pays after every bet has never looked more palatable.

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