Esports Gamblers Wager on Historic Dota 2 Tournament

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The Dota 2 International 2016 tournament is the most lucrative in eSports history with a $18.6 million prize-pool, beating last year's pool by $100,000, though the pool will grow as fans purchase additional video games for the next two weeks.

The number of online sportsbooks recognizing eSports as a legitimate betting market has grown fourfold from the previous year, with 66 sports betting sites offering eSports. Bettors can shop for eSports accepting online sportsbooks using the sportsbook rating guide.

There are those in the sports betting industry who believe eSports will eventually surpass leagues such as the NHL in betting volume and become a pastime for American gamblers, though the owner of one popular online sportsbook has not gotten behind the movement and believes the media is blowing up a novelty more for ratings and advertising revenue.

A majority of SBR Forum members have thus far not expressed interest in eSports though there are a dedicated few who are all about eSports. The same few who were ahead of the curve calling for more sportsbooks to offer bitcoin have shown support for eSports and recognize the opportunity to spot value from one bookmaker to another.

Unlike traditional American sports where a select few online sportsbooks and Las Vegas control the betting lines and establish a general market average, there are more opportunities to find "opinionated" lines on eSports betting, which should ensure that at the very least professional bettors keep the market alive. Read more about why line-shopping is so crucial in the how to bet on sports guide.

Sportsbook Review encourages eSports gamblers with feedback on what matters to them when choosing a betting site specifically for eSports are encouraged to write to

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