Election Odds: Sportsbooks Adjust Donald Trump's Price

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The US election is just a week away and online sportsbooks have significantly adjusted their betting odds. The biggest market reaction came after betting sites reacted to Hillary Clinton's emails once again coming under the microscope of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director James Comey, as SBR reported on October 28.

Donald Trump is ranging from +195 to +260 as of this publication, which underscores the importance of shopping for the best odds.Sportsbook Review has compiled the election odds on both Trump and Clinton becoming the next President. A special line has been posted in the SBR virtual points sportsbook for members who aren't willing to open up their wallet to wager on the election at betting sites.

SBR Forum posters meanwhile are conducting their own vote on the winner of the November 8 election. 58% of SBR Forum posters believe that Donald Trump is the winner of the election. Many of the bettors believe that Donald Trump, having owned casinos, would be the more pro-gambling candidate.

With a week left to go, the betting market is likely to continue to fluctuate as online sportsbooks receive a flood of action from both professional sports bettors and average Joes alike. Players who wagered early back before Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination are holding as tickets which pay as much as 66 times their investment for Trump winning the election.

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