Eight new Stryyke slowpays complaints filed

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Eight new Stryyke (SBR rating D) complaints have been received. The players report requesting a total of €5284.21 from November 2nd to January 18th respectively. Stryyke currently has a total of 16 outstanding slowpay complaints filed against them, with the oldest request made on November 2nd. Stryyke has €10,588.16 in player debt. SBR will update this report as the payout statuses change or more complaints are received.

Player comments:

I have a problem with the betting company Stryyke.com. On the 26th of November 2009 I made a withdrawal of 1000 EUR to my moneybookers account and they have not paid out me the money yet. They write on their website that the money comes to moneybookers during the 7 days.



I requested for the withdrawal of money 100euros at 05.01.2010, 159.5euros at 12.01.2010 and 37euros at 12.01.2010





until the 2.11.2009 I wanted to get my money of 872,2 ?. Stryyke paid me 300 ? in Dezember and till that date I get no answer to all my Emails.





Hi! Waiting for payment from 18.11.2009 1600 euro.! You can like it help me? Thank you very much!





I requested a withdrawal of ?775 on 18th January 2010 having fulfilled the turnover requirements for a bonus of ?66 that I received. However despite sending several emails asking when I will receive my money I have not been
given any indication when this will happen.





delay in receiving a moneybookers withdrawal request from 18th January 2010 for 155.01 euros. I have emailed 3 times and all I get is an email saying they will process the transaction shortly.





I'm waiting a withdraw of 150 euros since the 12th of january. I have no answer from the customer service since 2 weeks (I send mails everyday...).





I have asked a withdraw on 01-01-2010 but I haven't received my 1032 euro yet. I sent e-mail to stryyke but they ansered me that my payout is still in process. Please help my receive my money!



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