EFBet Linesmen Fall Asleep at Wheel & Penalize Player

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An EFBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has submitted a wagering complaint.

A player wagered €260 on a Netherlands soccer fixture between ADO Den Haag and the Go Ahead Eagles.

His stake was on the draw at the odds of 4.05 (converts to +305). The player chose EFBet for making this soccer wager because their price was marginally better by five cents than the price offered at an A+ online sportsbook.

Shortly after placing the sports bet, the player received an email from EFBet advising him that his wager had been changed to a drastically lower price at 3.65, following standard market movement:

"We have noticed that this selection was made on inaccurate odd [sic] and therefore, in accordance with p.9.3.2 of our Terms and Conditions, your bet will be settled by the adjusted coefficient - 3,65. If you want to cancel this selection, please contact us within 15 minutes after you receipt [sic] this email," wrote EFBet.

The player contested this adjustment of his bet slip and was able to establish that the odds were not in fact "inaccurate". Even had the player wagered on odds that EFBet was slower to adjust than other sportsbooks, sportsbooks cannot penalize players for linesmen falling asleep at the wheel as the old industry saying goes; however, that was not the case with this soccer bet as the line was only five cents better than available elsewhere.

Sportsbook Review followed up with EFBet to discuss their handling of this case. EFBet stood by their decision by claiming that their feed provider was slower to update the odds of the market in question. SBR pointed out that cancelling or changing bets when the market moves against the house is unfair to the player and an unethical bookmaking practice. SBR asked EFBet to reconsider their stance and pay the player at the originally booked price.

SBR will update this report. EFBet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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