EasyStreet refuses to pay casino winner

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On March 28th, SBR published an update to the EasyStreet casino dispute. EasyStreet was downgraded to a C rating after rejecting SportsbookReview's advice to pay the player who won $46,000 in its casino.

EasyStreet refuses to pay winning casino player
As reported, EasyStreet believes the big casino winner used third-party software to mechanically play several thousand hands at a rate that a human would be unable to maintain. EasyStreet says that in addition to the speed of play, the gambler played perfect strategy throughout his 5-hour video poker session. One issue that has been disputed is exactly how continuous the player's session was. Regardless, nothing in the hand history submitted to SportsbookReview indicates irregular play. | Digital Gaming Solutions addresses complaint?

Making EasyStreet's position more indefensible is the fact that the player made 10 deposits over a two-week period, exclusively playing the video poker 'Jacks or Better' game. Only when the player recorded a $46,000 profit did EasyStreet decide that his play violated house rules.

Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS)
EasyStreet uses the renowned Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software. DGS software is used by many industry sportsbooks. While DGS declined official comment to SBR, the player at the center of this casino dispute stated on SBRforum that the DGS owner informed EasyStreet his play was legitimate. The player goes on to state that the DGS owner recommended that EasyStreet pay the winnings.

TheRX forum asked to mediate dispute
Following SBR's recommendation that EasyStreet pay the player, after EasyStreet could not produce any evidence that the player violated its house rules, EasyStreet asked SBR to stop contacting them and indicated that TheRX forum (a forum which displays EasyStreet's banner) would be handling the dispute. EasyStreet's decision further alienated their brand from the eyes of the public, as the court of public opinion believed that TheRX would unquestionably side with its forum sponsor to preserve their business relationship. TheRX's head moderator 'Wilheim' last indicated to SportsbookReview that he intended to visit EasyStreet's headquarters to personally review the player's game logs.

EasyStreet is likely to face additional sportsbook rating adjustments if the player is not paid.

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