EasyStreet casino winner dispute update

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EasyStreet (SBR rating C) complaint update.



Read the full EasyStreet complaint.



On March 15th, SBR reported that a player stated EasyStreet Sports would not pay him his casino winnings. SBR followed up with the sportsbook and began an investigation into what transpired. EasyStreet does not contend that the player used software to interfere with their casino's game engine.

EasyStreet has instead accused the player of using software to play their Video Poker, Jacks or better game in a manner which was more rapid than he could have achieved naturally.

EasyStreet states that the player played with perfect strategy, and at a rate of under 18 hands per minute for five hours. SBR requested the player's hand log to verify this. EasyStreet has not yet provided this. The sportsbook stated that the player hit three royal flushes at an average of one per 2900 hands. EasyStreet also states that the player failed to pause after winning any of the hands.

The sportsbook argued that the player's speed of play, and his failure to pause after high-paying hands indicate that he was using software to record his decisions. The player confirmed that he did not pause on two of the three royals, but paused on one of them. Whether or not a player pauses after winning a hand would be immaterial, and does not suggest that the player used software during his casino session.

EasyStreet asked Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS), the casino maker, to analyze the play. No manipulation of the software was found. DGS declined comment to SBR regarding the situation.

An alternate defense raised by the Costa Rica based sportsbook is that the player has an allegedly fraudulent past with other online sportsbooks and casinos. The player's past is not relevant as his deposits were sent via cash transactions, thus no chargeback possibility existed. In addition, the player deposited more than ten times over the course of multiple weeks with EasyStreet. EasyStreet did not have a problem accepting the player's deposits, and has no right to withhold his winnings.

EasyStreet's rating has been lowered to C, and may continue to slide pending the outcome of this sportsbook complaint.


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