DraftKings Clears Employee of Insider Trading, NCAA says no ads

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With so much money hanging in the balance, including public perception of their security and checks and balances, daily fantasy sports betting website DraftKings has announced that employee Ethan Haskell has been cleared of misconduct - to the surprise of no one.

“It would have been impossible for Mr Haskell to have used such non-public information,” DraftKings announced in a statement, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Haskell sent shockwaves through the burgeoning fantasy industry by winning $350,000 at rival fantasy betting site FanDuel.

It was widely reported - originally by the NY Times, who have been known not to let facts interfere with a good story - that Haskell may have been armed with insider information that allowed him to bring in the six figure haul.

Many discussions ensued and comparisons were made with respect to online sportsbooks and bookies using private data to win at other websites.

Regardless of Haskell's innocence or guilt, online sports bettors have reason to celebrate as the NCAA has sent a letter to the daily fantasy sites prohibiting the companies from running their ads during championship games. The NCAA for their part believe that they control the universe and have also tried standing in the way of legal sports betting in New Jersey.

The onslaught of daily fantasy sports ads during American football broadcasts have caused SBR Forum members to call for boycotts of the fantasy betting websites, along with most of the rest of the internet. The state of Nevada are also not the biggest fans, and recently had its gambling commission declare fantasy sports betting illegal in the Silver State.

Sportsbook Review.com will continue to cover the state of the fantasy sports betting industry, if for no other reason than to demonstrate just how hypocritical it is that the major sports leagues embrace DFS while shunning sports betting, hypocrisy that has not gone unnoticed and which may very well serve to advance sports betting in the United States in 2016 and beyond.

"It's a distinction without a difference," said NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak in an interview with Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom, concerning fantasy sports betting vs. traditional sports betting, the latter of which Lesniak has been a major proponent of for his state.

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