Donald Trump's President Odds Reach +200

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Donald Trump started as a 66 to 1 underdog to win the Presidential election last June.

Trump's inclusion in the race to become the Republican nominee for President was regarded as a novelty, a late night TV punch line given Trump had never before ran for public office of any kind.

Despite making what some in the media portrayed as incendiary remarks about Mexicans, Muslims, and women (Megyn Kelly), Trump's market price improved dramatically over the course of the past year, and now having secured the Republican nomination for President Trump is around a 2 to 1 underdog against Hillary Clinton this November.

Hillary Clinton, for her part, has managed to stay out of handcuffs for her role in email-gate and is around -240 to win the election, meaning a sports bettor would have to part with $240 to win $100 in profit. A handful of sportsbooks are even accepting bets on Joe Biden winning the election; a gesture obviously pandering to the contingent who believe Clinton could still be charged by the Justice Department despite no charges being recommended by the FBI.

Online sportsbooks' current market odds are displayed in the political prop betting directory at Sportsbook Review. Only sports betting odds from the industry's best sportsbooks are included.

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