Don't be a victim: Avoid Sportsbooks on the Blacklist

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Online sportsbooks on the worst sportsbook blacklist have confiscated winnings from players for unjust reasons or outright closed shop without paying millions in player balances.

Some of the online sportsbooks on the blacklist continue to operate without paying, slowly pay winners, and have some of the worst service in the sports betting industry.

Online betting websites are judged first and foremost by their ability to pay and pay on-time. Sportsbooks that cannot maintain consistent payouts or who have confiscated winnings simply because players were considered "professional bettors" are rated from D- to F and should be avoided at all costs.

Sportsbook Review encourages players to consider the opinion of players taking part in the latest SBR poster's poll for top sportsbooks. This article lists the most recent top 10 after one week of voting; the top five from NBA regular season are displayed at the top right of this article.

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