Does Your Sportsbook Offer MLB Dimelines?

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MLB spring training games begin this Friday, which means the MLB regular season is just six weeks away.

Baseball bettors readying themselves for the 162-game season should look to optimize their bankroll allocation by considering sportsbooks that offer MLB dimelines.

MLB dimelines can save players thousands by the time the World Series rolls around.

What is an MLB Dimeline?
A dimeline refers to an MLB line where an online sportsbook charges around 5% in commission on a Pick Em line. This commission leads to a 10 cent spread difference between the price offered for the favorite and underdog. As an example, let's say that the Atlanta Braves vs. NY Yankees line was offered by a sports betting site at -165/+155, this is an MLB dimeline. Sportsbooks that deal 20 cent lines would juice the favorite to -175 on this lineset, which would require an additional $10 per wager to be wagered to win $100. In a multi-month season, every small edge matters. Small edges are what allows for towering casinos to be built across the Las Vegas strip.

MLB Futures: Sportsbook Comparison
MLB Futures are on the board and ready for players to take a swing at. The Chicago Cubs are spread at around +400 to repeat their historic championship (which ended a 107 year drought) so every $100 wager returns $400 in profit. The Boston Red Sox are the second favorite at odds ranging from +420 to +500.

Long shot bets include the NY Yankees at betting odds that range from +2200 to +2500, and the LA Angels which pay out at 66 times your investment making for a mini-lottery payoff.

Sportsbook Review has an MLB futures betting grid comparing the payoffs offered at top online sportsbooks.

MLB Spring Training Analysis
Read what handicappers are saying about MLB Spring Training and how players should approach the games. A complete schedule is also available at SBR Forum.

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