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Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) update. On February 5th, SBR reported a  two year-old Dimeline complaint. Dimeline Sportsbook has sent the player $2,000 to settle the dispute...read more here.

A Dimeline Sportsbook player told SBR that in March of 2009, he began to request payouts from his $11,883 balance. Dimeline allegedly sent the player one bad check. In May of 2009, Dimeline lowered the player's limits to $250, then $100, causing him to ask to be paid the remainder of his balance. The player admits agreeing to have his balance prorated so that he could withdraw of his funds.

The player provided SBR with numerous e-mail excerpts in support of his contention that the amount he would be entitled to is $6,891.

Dimeline Sportsbook has vehemently denied that the player wsa owed such an amount, and claims to have paid him $2,000 in 2009 which settled his account. Dimeline claimed that the player was referencing old e-mails exchanged prior to telephone conversations at the time.

SBR has recommended that Dimeline Sportsbook improve its record keeping. Dimeline pointed out that the player's dispute was being filed two years after the fact and on the heels of another Dimline Sportsbook complaint. Dimeline believed that the player was intentionally withholding facts from SBR to attempt to receive undeserved payment. Dimeline did not waiver from its position that the player's alleged $2,000 payment in 2009 settled his balance at the time.

When SBR asked to receive proof of the $2,000 payment that Dimeline claims settled the player's account in full, Dimeline was unable to verify the payment method type, stating that the amount was logged in the back-end but that there was no information regarding the transaction type. In light of the inability to successfully show that the player received this payment, Dimeline has agreed to send the player $2,000. The player has accepted this deal, but still feels that he was owed additional cash even after the proration of his balance.

Dimeline has stated to SBR that a Western Union was sent to the player today.

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