Dimeline Sportsbook slow-pays update

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Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) management has spoken with SBR regarding the ongoing slow-pays reported over the summer. Dimeline has acknowledged the lengthy delays experienced by a small group of players that it refers to as inactive bettors. According to Dimeline, the loss of four credit card processors and subsequent freezure of funds led to the extended wait times. Dimeline expects that within 90 days the processors will release all frozen funds. Dimeline has attributed the loss of processors to excessive player chargebacks. Four players are currently owed $9,480. SBR will update this report if the players are paid before Dimeline's estimated time-frame, or if new slow-pay reports surface.










Player comments:










I have about $4,900 with them. Since you can only take $2,000 out at a time, I am currently waiting for a $2,000 check and have been waiting for a couple months although they did send me a check that I cashed in late August/early September. This latest one was supposedly sent on October 26th and I was sent an email to confirm this. A guy representing them called me a couple weeks back and guaranteed me I would get this check from them. Some woman named Samantha Crane said they would give me a bank wire if I did not get it by Tuesday but I am not interested in them having my bank info.



They owe me $1980. It is hard to say when the request was made because it has been made several times since June. But the last time I made the request was 14 days ago, and at that time I was told that the check would be send last week, but I have not recieved the check yet, and don´t know if it is on its was (I doubt it is...) If they by any chance can send the funds to my moneybookersaccount I´ll prefer that...





I have been waiting six months now for my first check. They keep telling me "this week" but that ends up nowhere.





They told me the same story about payments being messed up with their processeror and refunded the 2 payments to my account. Its all made up as far as I am concerned as they told me a cheque had been sent after about 2 months.I had to request payment again so did this on 19 Oct (£500 to moneybookers) and 22 Oct (£1000 to cheque). Thought I would try 2 methods in vain hope that one would work.



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