Dimeline Sportsbook slow-pay update

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Dimeline Sportsbook news

A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D+)  player who had his account closed reports he has not yet been paid his $2,400 balance requested February 1st. Dimeline originally addressed the dispute with SBR, before deciding to no longer discuss the claim and noting that the player was not a priority to be paid.

Dimeline was downgraded over the rough handling of the player's account and has offered no new information on when they will pay his closing balance. The poor treatment is not unlike previous Dimeline tactics; SBR reported in the 2009 baseball season that a user was threatened with having his funds confiscated if he did not retract negative Dimeline feedback posted on SBR Forum.

Dimeline's refusal to discuss the claim or to answer the user's questions are a troubling sign and an indictator the business is not interested in running a straight business. Dimeline has stated they do not care of their public perception and are not interested in paying users that complain of their service.

SBR asks Dimeline users with complaints or feedback to write to SBR.

SBR will update this report.

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