Dimeline Sportsbook slow-pay: $1,100 since early June

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A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has reported being owed $1,100 since June 8th. Dimeline has provided no firm updates on his payment status. Interestingly, the player has reported that despite making his transaction using plastic, he was not asked to submit documentation. SBR is following up on the sportsbook complaint.

Part of the BTG Global NV group, Dimeline is the "flagship" brand and the one which has been around the longest.  Now dubbed BTG Global, the group previously called itself the Safari Casino Group, which powered SafariCasino and other related websites.

SBR reported that a Dimeline player has been owed $2,400 since February 1. Dimeline admitted intentionally delaying the player's withdrawal due to negative feedback he posted regarding being slow-paid on SBR Forum. The roughhouse tactic was also employed by the book back in 2009; SBR reported that Dimeline threatened to confiscate a player's balance if forum posts containing negative feedback were not edited.

Dimeline spent the next three years rebuilding its image, famously crediting players with bailout offers who had been stiffed by Parlaymakers (SBR rating F). Dimeline's highest mark in the sportsbook ratings guide was C as of June 2011.

The family of sportsbooks, which includes WagerUp, VIPSports.eu, and DailyDime, requested that SBR no longer present player submitted issues. BTG management is unwilling to address the claims and has not shown a willingness to resolve its few pending payouts with users. SBR continues to present the complaints.

Dimeline was recently added to the SBR Sportsbook blacklist. The shop also made SBR's top five sportsbooks to avoid list headed into the upcoming football season.

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