Dimeline Sportsbook player reports payment; new complaint filed

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The Dimeline Sportsbook (sportsbook rating D+) player from SBR's February 1st report has confirmed being paid in full.

Dimeline player:

Got the bank wire yesterday, full 2890, no fees. Amazing how quickly they can find the money when SBR comes calling....Much appreciate your help. Thanks again!

The player initially deposited $1,600 to Dimeline on February 13th, 2009, via Moneybookers. While he made one withdrawal successfully, his second request for $2,890 in October of 2010 had not been filled. Following SBR's publication of this report, a second Dimeline Sportsbook complaint was submitted. | Dimeline Complaint #2

Dimeline Sportsbook complaint #2
A second Dimeline Sportsbook complaint has been reported to SBR.

In March of 2009, a player states that he began requesting payouts from his $11,883 balance. Dimeline allegedly sent the player at least two bad checks. In May of 2009, Dimeline lowered this player's limits to $250, then $100, prompting the player to begin requesting his balance.  he player states that he agreed to have his balance prorated so that he could withdraw his funds. In support of his time-line, the player has offered the following e-mail transcript.

In an e-mail dated May 6th, 2009:

Dimeline Sportsbook:

Ok we have reached a decision on this matter. If you wish to withdrawal now you will get the following: $2000 deposit back, 50% of your winnings as you used our bonus which is $3,891. In total you will get $5,891 with no more rollover required.

To expand on my previous note we would also be willing to give you 50% of the bonus so a total of $6891. This is all we can do if you want to withdrawal early. Obviously you would have no rollover anymore.

The player states that he received no payment following this e-mail, despite many inquiries to Dimeline's live chat and customer service department.


BTG Gaming addresses complaint
Dimline Sportsbook is powered by the BTG Gaming platform. BTG Gaming stands for Dimeline Sportsbook's player's balances. SBR spoke with the owner of BTG Gaming, who confirmed that the player was initially sent two bad checks due to ongoing processor troubles at the time; however, the claim was made that the player was then sent $2,000 successfully. BTG claims that the $2,000 payment settled the player's account, and pointed out that the player's complaint was being filed one year later, on the heels of an SBR reported Dimeline Sportsbook dispute. When asked to explain why the player believes he was owed at minimum an additional $4,000, BTG stated that those funds were in the form of bonus comission credits, and thus not available for withdrawal.

BTG Gaming could not immediately provide a transaction record of the alleged $2,000 payment which was said to have been sent last year, and was following up with Dimeline Sportsbook. BTG stated that if it could not produce a clear and verifiable record of payment, the player would be sent another $2,000.

SBR will update this report.

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