Dimeline Sportsbook payout complaint

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A Dimeline (sportsbook rating D+) payment complaint has been reported. On October 29th, a player requested a $2,890 withdrawal. Dimeline has yet to fill the player's withdrawal. | Full Dimeline report

Payout complaint
A player initially deposited $1,600 to Dimeline Sportsbook on February 13th, 2009, via Moneybookers. The player reports one successful withdrawal from Dimeline for $2,000 from an April 29th request; his funds were received in late-May. Dimeline then closed the player's account as a risk management decision, but later reopened it after discussions with the player.

The player states that his balance is currently $2,890. He first requested to be paid his $2,890 balance in October of 2010. Dimeline asked the player for wiring instructions, and promised to send a bank-wire payment. The player details multiple chat sessions asking for updates.

Dimeline Sportsbook's host, BTG Gaming, discusses dispute
Dimeline Sportsbook is powered by BTG Gaming. BTG Gaming is Dimeline's host and software provider, and stands for players funds. SBR spoke with BTG gaming about this payment delay. BTG conceded that Dimeline management mishandled the situation, and that arrangements should have been made to send the player his balance via Western Union in light of their inability to quickly process wire payments. BTG stated that the player was unwilling to accept a check after a previous withdrawal had not reached him, and preferred to wait. SBR has asked the player to confirm those comments.

Dimeline Sportsbook:

Our Bank wire method has been down for a bit. The player agreed to wait for the option to become available.

BTG and Dimeline have stated that the player would be paid in full by Western Union this week with all fees covered. SBR will update this payout complaint.

Dimeline Sportsbook history
Dimeline Sportsbook is a small shop with a limited amount of deposit and withdrawal methods. BTG tells SBR that most of Dimeline's customers are US-based and that checks are sent to these players. The last report of a slow-pay from a Dimeline player was published by SBR in December of 2009. A followup report clarified that the player had not cleared his bonus rollover.

On 5/19/2010, SBR reported on a Dimeline Sportsbook bonus complaint. A player requested a withdrawal of £1200 on June 1st ,2009. Four months passed with no payments issued, before Dimeline informed the player that his check was lost in the mail and that he could begin receiving his funds in £200 increments. The player states he received only £200. After following up with Dmeline Sportsbook, the sportsbook claimed to SBR that the player failed to meet his rollover and was allowed cashouts in error.

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