Dimeline Sportsbook Lowered to D-

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Two Dimeline.eu players have shared that the sportsbook has not posted odds in at least six weeks.

The players have become concerned because they have unpaid balances and Dimeline appears to have gone dark in their communication. SBR reported in April that Dimeline went two weeks without posting odds. Dimeline said at the time that the reason was the death of their head linesman. Dimeline has yet to respond to SBR’s inquiry for an update on this latest issue.

Dimeline players have had the following to say at SBR Forum: “Just for the record...the site did come back up after this incident which Dimeline attributed to the death of their bookmaker. Now that have been without lines for about five weeks although the site is still up.”

“I tried to look around for comments and haven't seen anything.  The site is up, but when you click on any event, there are no lines. No response from chat or e-mail...do you have a phone #? My $$ still shows up in the account. This has been the case for at least six weeks. Let me know your thoughts or please share a contact if you have one.”

Dimeline’s rating has been adjusted to D-, which puts the company back on the SBR blacklist. Players who require assistance with Dimeline should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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