Dimeline Sportsbook downgraded from D+ to D

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One Dimeline Sportsbook player has waited on $1436.27 since May 1st. After 15 days the player was emailed a confirmation that his check had been sent. After waiting for 48 days the player had written SBR for help. Since that time, 4 other slow-pays totaling $10,000 have been filed with SBR. Players have also complained of below average email time and Dimeline revoking live chat privileges for players aggressively seeking payout updates. In the most extreme cases of unprofessional behavior, Dimeline has identified players that left negative feedback on gambling websites and called them to complain. No telephone number for support is provided to customers. There have been reports that checks have bounced in the last two weeks, with only two clearing.  SBR will update this report when payment or communication with the book is reported by users. | Dimeline discussion





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I left messages on the ticket which I had created 6 months ago but no answer yet!  I think they don't even care anymore, because if you see my ticket which I had opened the answers you get is really weird.  I am not sure what to do now.  Please help if you can.  Thanks,





Dimeline still owes me about $8,200. After the last $2,000 check they sent me bounced twice, the third time they told me to cash it, the check cleared. After that check cleared, they have not responded to any of my emails and I have sent dozens. I am starting to  get a little worried. They have told me on a number of occasions they will eventually pay me but I do not have any experience with this.
I have heard horror stories about not getting paid and I will never post up with a book that is not rated B or higher from now on but I need to get my money. Any advice you have on how to get them to send me my money would be greatly appreciated. I am not averse to flying to Curacao and taking care of business personally with them. I am tired of waiting for them to pay me and I just want them to do the right thing.





I am not getting any responses neither are they sending the cheques.. I tried to go on live chat and Robert closed it straight away. So they are not communicating either.. Since they are not speaking to you either what do  you suggest ?



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