DimeLine Sportsbook confiscating winnings and bonuses from winning players

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DimeLine Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) confiscating winnings and bonuses from winning players
Dimeline offered exorbitant bonuses up to 100% with a limit of $2,000 that attracted players in a UK-focused betting forum. The four players to report to SBR wagered well over six figures. The sportsbook took notice of the play and lowered their betting limits.

After the players continued to win, their accounts were frozen. The sportsbook claimed that using a line comparison service, similar to SBROdds.com, made the players nonrecreational and ineligible for the bonus given. Dimeline's line manager labeled bets on their soft lines (lines that are late to update along with betting market leaders such as Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) and Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) ) as "steam plays." Three of four of these players came from the same website but are unique accounts that have wagered from their individual locations. DLS has proposed paying the players half of their winnings rationalizing that they had double the funds to work with at the start of the account. All bonuses, despite amount rolled over, will be removed. Four Dimeline players had their accounts disabled and over $36,000 has been frozen since late April and early May. Dimeline was downgraded from C- to D+ and will be downgraded further if the book maintains its decision not to honor all winnings. Dimeline has been dowgraded from C- to D+ |

Player comments:
"I was not sure if you recieved this as I was not sent a copy, so I am sending again just in case.

I deposited here about six weeks ago when they had a bonus offer through an affiliate site called bestbonusmoney.com. I asked the customer service manager Robert whether I qualified for the bonus and he said I did. The bonus was 100% cash bonus which had a 10 times rollover on deposit and bonus. I deposited 500 dollars and received 500 dollar cash bonus and I began to wager.

I wagered mainly on baseball moneyline as this was where the limits were highest, at 500 dollars per bet. I did use a site called sportspunter.com just to give me a feel for what were the more competitive odds on their site, but I did not in any way try to catch them out on out of line odds. I just placed my bets all at once, not trying to catch quickly changing prices or anything like that.

About three weeks ago my bets started to get limited but I was still able to get around 350 dollar bets on. At the same time I read on bookmaker review some comments about dimeline which made me uncomfortable there and I began to make a more concerted effort to finish off the wagering there, betting around 750 dollars a night. I have since discovered that most of my bets did not contribute to the wagering as they had changed the terms of the bonus so that mlb moneyline bets did not count.

On Friday 1st of May I was unable to log into my account. After asking several times for information I was sent this email: "


Dimeline has temporarily suspended your account.

The primary reason is that your betting style emulates the style of a syndicate player that is in collusion with other players. This has resulted in the manipulation of our betting lines wherefore other players we have yet to identify may be able to take advantage in a way we are unable to manage. In addition, we have identified several other accounts that a.) have been referred by you or are a referral of a referral of yours and/or b.) come from the same region of the world and which emulate this same professional style.

As stated in our bonus policy - bonuses are for recreational players only. This is clearly stated on our Homepage as well as in the Bonus section. To us, it is clear that you know full well you are a professional bettor and would normally NOT qualify for the bonus. Yet we can understand that you would try and obtain the bonus. Therefore, you must understand our designation of your account as a professional and therefore that you NOT qualify as clearly stated in the policy.

Robert Wilde (CS Manager)
Dimeline Sportsbook

"I was told I could speak to a risk manager later that day and I spoke to someone from dimeline for about an hour. The guy claimed that I was betting on only steam plays and was acting in a way that was the same as many other people originating from the UK who were placing large bets on the same out of line odds.

He did not appear to have any specific information about my own bets, and I had the impression that he was making assumptions about my wagering. He said that he believed that I was part of a UK collective trying to manipulate their odds and catch them out. This is not true, although I am unfortunately from the UK which appears to be working against me.

I admitted to using an odds comparison site to check which of their odds were the better ones. He said that this made me a professional and not entitled to the bonus. I said that I did not believe this made me professional but this just led to an unproductive discussion of semantics.

The most important issue of course was payment. He was closing my account down and he said that he was recommending in his report to the boss of Dimeline on Monday that it would be fair to pay me half of the money in my account only plus my original 500 deposit. I had about 5400 dollars in my account at the time of it being suspended so this would mean a significant loss. I told him that if he had decided to close my account, that I should receive all of my account balance minus the 500 bonus which was their investment. He disagreed but said it was not his decision to make.

I was told that I would be communicated with regarding their decision on Monday the 4th of May. However I have not received any email or phone call from them since. It has now been 7 days since my last communication. I tried their live chat on Monday but the rep said she had no knowledge of the matter but someone would get back to me. They could not tell me when. I emailed them on Tuesday and have had no response.

I have been unable to get onto their chat since Tuesday, which makes me believe either that my ip has been blocked or they have changed their system so that only those logged in can access chat.

I have held off from making this complaint until now because I was waiting for their decision which may have been potentially favourable. Now that a week has gone by without communication I am seriously concerned about all of my funds here, and so I hope that you will be able to make some progress in helping me attain a positive resolution or at least the best resolution possible."


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