Dimeline Sportsbook bonus confiscation update

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Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has refused to pay a $2000 cash bonus which was confiscated from a winning  player on May 1st. In SBR's initial report, it was stated that Dimeline confiscated the $2000 bonus due to non-recreational play. The player funded his Dimeline account on March 22nd with $3100 via Moneybookers. He was then credited a $2000 bonus. The player placed $38,160 in action before Dimeline suspended his account on May 1st, cited steam play, confiscated the bonus, and invalidated a large % of his rollover as his play included MLB moneyline favorites greater than -150. The player's balance after the bonus confiscation was $13,000. Dimeline imposed a new rollover on the player, which he later met. The player cashed out $9976 over the past two months as Dimeline has meted out their ongoing slowpays. Dimeline has refused to credit the player the $2,000 bonus.

Player Comments:

Please find attached the total transactions that occured in my account as part of Transactions as you can see the summary is of $9766. I had around 15136 odd dollars then they took away the bonus, I lost some money and it came down to 9766, which they took close to 6 months to pay..

Reason I am not posting is because I they dont like it people posting on SBR but I cannot let this pass under the radar if they are trying to score points, I am owed money I wouldnt have complaint had they not made me do the rollover which they did and it hit 80K ,, they cant make people rollover 80K and not give the bonus..

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