Dimeline Sports reconsiders their position in payout dispute

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Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D) has agreed to pay the player who claimed to still be owed $126.

The complaint centered around Dimeline maintaining they did not receive the player's deposit, though this was through no fault of the player.

The online sportsbook first advised the player to proceed with his bank, but the player rightfully pointed out that the situation was not his fault and was unwilling to take that step.

He suggested that he was willing to payment through bitcoin or eWallet to settle the complaint.

SBR asked Dimeline Sports to reconsider their position, and was told today that the player will receive a payout through bitcoin to settle the balance owed, though there will be a 10% fee as is customary for all of their bitcoin withdrawals.

SBR has asked the player to confirm when he receives payment.

Dimeline players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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