Dimeline Sports player asks SBR for assistance

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Update 7/21: Dimeline management has updated SBR that the player's funds were not at risk during the period of his play. Unless the player is able to dispute this, the complaint would be closed.

A Dimeline Sportsbook player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player made his first deposit with the sports betting site on December 14, 2015.

His first and second payouts were processed normally without incident. After another series of deposits and a withdrawal on May 11, the player went on to make five additional deposits between May 12 and May 17 for $1,178.

He then turned his balance into $14,860 with the online sportsbook.

At this point, the player initiated multiple $2,000 withdrawals between June 8-21. Each of the requests were voided except for the initial payout request on June 8 due to the betting site allowing one pending payment request at a time.

The player has claimed that the sportsbook has since refused to pay. He has provided a bank statement showing that he deposited as normal. Sportsbook Review will speak with Dimeline to investigate why the betting site has decided that the player's activity was null. The player believes that he won fair and square.

Dimeline is a D rated online betting site which has been online since 2000. The sportsboook operates off of a sub-license in Curacao and runs its marketing out of Canada. The sportsbook was previously on the blacklist but worked its way up to a rating of D after an improvement in player feedback. Dimeline is operated by BTG Global NV.

Dimeline's most recent rating adjustment, from D- to D, occurred in November of 2014. Sportsbook Review asks Dimeline Sports users with feedback to write in via email.

Sportsbook Review will update this report after speaking with the online sportsbook's management concerning the player's side of the complaints.

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