Dimeline (SBR rating D) "bailing out" Dimeline?

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Dimeline is claiming withdrawals will resume but only after a 1x rollover (play-through of balance one time) requirement is completed. The situation illustrates the added liability of books that are working with unsavory turnkey and sportsbook host operations. DimeLineSports was one of the many Futurebet books that lobbied for a higher rating stating that they were independent, in full control and took full responsibility of their book. Although this action is unfair, players who are newly aware of the Futurebet situation will likely be happy to bet their balance in an effort to escape a Futurebet licensee.

DLS email to Player: Sir- We have been dealing with a financial issue for the last two months. A company called futurebet was hired to handle all player funds for the last two years. In the last two months they have decided to stiff our players. We are now taking the initiative to pay all players out of pocket. We want you to know that you will be paid by us out of pocket but we are requiring you to rollover your cashout amount ($1,300) at least 1x before a cashout can be made.
We are bailing out Futurebet because we want our players to be paid. The good news is we are now offering Western Union and Money Gram payouts to expedite your withdraw time once the 1x rollover has been met. Now that we are processing payouts independently we will have no issues with withdrawal delays and lack us customer service regarding withdrawals.

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